Sustainability at Johnson Health Tech

We seek to understand and improve our impacts on the environment, both locally and globally, and on the people we affect – our employees, our customers, and the communities we operate in.

We’ll never be finished: Like health, sustainability requires ongoing effort and continual improvement.



Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Our Triple Bottom Line:

People – Planet – Profit

Our Sustainability, Our Success

As we seek to be the leading global provider of products that contribute to health and well-being, everything we do is guided by our five goals.

  • Focus on quality
  • Best-in-class customer experience
  • Best-in-class workplace, optimal organisational structure
  • Market leadership
  • Operational/business excellence

The concept of sustainability helps us achieve these goals. In turn, achieving our goals makes us a more sustainable company.

For example, when we focus on quality:

  • We reduce waste in our production processes
  • Our products need to be replaced less often
  • Our customers are happier with our products
  • Our employees feel more satisfied with their work
  • We meet our financial goals more reliably, helping us honor our commitments to our employees and communities

Achieving each of our five goals depends on the well-being of our employees, a healthy environment that provides resources and energy, and vibrant communities that support health and well-being. Becoming a more sustainable business helps us become a more successful business.

Getting Started

Getting Started

In 2011, we formed a Sustainability Committee to formalise and guide our sustainability efforts. Representatives from all our business areas are participating, from engineering to accounting.

Green Masters

In 2011, our North American business unit became certified by the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council’s Green Masters Program. This program provides independent verification of our sustainability efforts. We’ll work towards learning from other Green Master certified businesses, share our progress with them, and be challenged to keep improving our efforts. In turn, we’ll expand our sustainability efforts to our global business units.